24 Dec. 2011

Happy Christmas

In Norway we celebrate Christmas Eve, not Christmas Morning. And all the kids have to pine all day and open their presents after dinner tonight.

When I was a kid, and we celebrated in Australia, we opened on Christmas Morning.  I always thought Santa only lived in Australia, because we put milk and cookies out for him, and that he came with our stockings during the night. My sister actually insisted she saw him one night. I'm pretty sure it was our Auntie Gwen.

Later we'd go to Budgewoi Beach for a picnic and a swim.

This present is for my newest niece, Linnea. She's celebrating her first Christmas. Funny how I have boys, but my siblings only make girls.

Happy Christmas to everyone, and I hope you all are happy and around the people you love.


A. xxx

.... and I'm doing a series on boyfrends past. If you missed out the latest one is here.

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  1. Hope you had a lovely Christmas :) I love hearing about different traditions


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