1 Dec. 2011

Thankful Thursday


Today I'm thankful for ...

... quirky shopwindows
... new friends and great sushi
... December (only two more weeks of school before the hols)
... sick days (I just can't seem to shake this one off)
... teachers, and that they put up with me


First. Write your post, calling it Thankful Thursday and listing up a few things you are thankful for. Put a link in that post to my post today. Then get the link from your post and add it to the comments below. 

If we're lucky, then we get a chain of posts expressing the things they love in life, all listed right here. (... and for those of you who are thankful, but don't have a blog, you can write it in the comments. Or you can add it to my Facebook page.) 


  1. Haha, for et fantastisk sprøtt vindu :-)

  2. De andre er like fantastiske :-)


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