30 Oct. 2010


Dinosaur cake.

It's birthday weekend in the Buckle house. First out is Little Man whose real birthday is tomorrow, but he has already cheated in kindie on Friday, and with his mates today.

Tomorrow he gets to share the family celebration with Mamma. My b-day is on monday.

This is the perfect, moist chocolate cake, but if you are waiting for a recipie, this I don't feel like it is mine to post. Got it of a girlfriend who bakes beautifully, with detailed instructions. Baking is definitely my culinary achilles heel.

Tomorrows chilli on the other hand. You might just luck out.


  1. Congrats to you both!!
    Perfect cake :)

  2. Happy Birthday (for tomorrow)!
    Hope you're feeling well and ready for the last streeeeetch ;)


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