13 Oct. 2010

Little Highlights

Seeing the bottom of a coffee after spending an hour drinking it and reading the paper. One of the little moments in life I'm totally treasuring in the short weeks before three becomes four.

At the same time I'm getting more and more aware of the little creature that is soon making his apparance in out little family. And believe me, little is the word. Bought a piece of clothing last week that looks so tiny I can't even imagine that a baby of mine will fit into it. Little Man didn't believe it.

The house is frustrating me because all the work suddenly stopped and progress and finishing time seems far away. I know as soon as it gets going again it will happen. Fast. But at the mo I have to stop myself from going mad.

So I go out. Have a coffee. See some friends. And with lived-life knowledge I know that everything will be okay. Soon.

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  1. So exciting. Glad you are having some time for yourself before your new arrival.


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