26 Oct. 2010

That Time

I've been longing to change to winter time for the last two weeks. The mornings are dark and tough, but I suddenly realised that brighter mornings mean darker afternoons.

The light goes around six thirty pm now. That means it will be dark by five thirty this time next week.

So I've broken out the Christmas candles early. They are pretty discreet, and I admit I wouldn't have put them out unless they surfaced in all this remodelling-tidying.

But it is the time to light candles, and I'm embracing the concept. Again.


  1. every way we can fight the darkness is good :-) and those are some lovely candle holders!

  2. Jeg tar meg selv i å glede meg til jul på første gang siden den gang jeg fikk hjemmelaget julekalender. Bakte lussekatter for noen uker siden og skal bake krydderbrød til helgen. Av og til er det lov å tyvstarte.


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