22 Oct. 2010

Living Together

... means 

being woken up at 06.30 in the morning with a "Hello, Mamma. I'm awake"
and have it followed up my a cuddle

having to watch sports at least 20 minutes a day
never holding the remote control
but always having someone to bag out the X-factor contestants with

making pancakes on a Saturday morning

being able to collapse on the sofa and demand service (like foot rubs and ice cream)
... and actually get it

having discussions about lamps and tiles when clearly I'm right

never having to take out the bins
always making dinner, and doing the dishes
but sharing home made chicken nuggets with two enthousiastic boys

falling asleep on the sofa, snoring
and someone not waking me up cause I'm still company

giving no excuses and acting as pregnant as I feel

... and actually get away with it.


  1. This sound so nice! Can't wait to meet our little man :)
    I still feel very good, but there's still 8 weeks left for me. How about you?

  2. Only four weeks left :-) Feeling good too.

  3. Glad you're feeling good and enjoying life.


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