15 Sep. 2010

Setting Sun

Not that there is any sun today. The rain is intense. Big puddles forming that make me feel like I'm driving through Australian rivers in the rainy season.

This pumpkin makes me happy though. It greets me at my parents appartment door every day. We have been living here as we are doing up our house. It's coming along quickly now, and my time is concentrated with tile and tub decisions.

And it hits me that although I know our house is not growing on its own, we are in a very organic and evolving time. Seasons changing, house changing, baby growing and definitely life changing. And yeah, I know I have been rambling on about this for a while, but hey, that's what my live is evolving around at the mo.

And I promise to share som interior inspiration with you. I'm loving Ulrikas new blog, and am totally relating with her. She has a growing belly too, and is expecting in December. As well as she has a growing house. And she's posting all these inspiring interiors.

And now its back to sinks and paint.

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  1. To me, pumpkins are like sunflowers...they always make me smile!


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