3 Sep. 2010

Growing and Changing

Life is definitely changing these days. Not only the season, but also our house. We're doing it up, and have lived as nomads the last three weeks. By tomorrow we know we'll be put in the same place for another three weeks, and then hopefully back in the house by early October.

Another thing that is definitely changing is my body. So many kicks and punches on the inside that it feels like this Little Brother is going to pop through my skin. And with Autumn my mind set is changing too. Not being able to nest is also making me incredibly restless and leaving me with a feeling of having to do a thousand things at once but not getting anything done.

I have to stop myself from writing lists that only make me feel more unable to complete things.

I guess I need some sort of distraction.


  1. Oooo, sympathies on not having a 'nest' - know how badly you feel you need one right now, but how nice to have a newly-feathered one to welcome Little Brother to.
    Try not to think about the woman whose baby cracked one of her ribs with an enthusiastic kick. True story. Won't happen to you :)

  2. I think I understand the feeling. Try to enjoy the last of the pregnancy though, that's what I keep hearing, but I think it's a good advice.

  3. Interesting post, feelings and seasonal changes, too...


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