8 Sep. 2010

The Last of Summer

After our August downpour I really thought we'd seen the end of summer. But over the last week or so the sun has been radiant, the temperatures warm and life has been easy. The sun makes the fjord look like it's sparkling with diamonds.

We've had visitors from Australia, and it's always fun to view home from a newcomers perspective. It always makes me appreciate it more.

The light is getting warmer, lower, and is really inspiring some (very short) photo-walks. My pelvis is completely buggered, and I can't wait to get the pram out and walk walk walk once Little Brother shows his face.

All in good time.


  1. All of these photos are just the perfect vision fo summer. The shot of the barnicles is just wonderful - like they are on parade!

    Good luck in these next few weeks!

  2. What a beautiful first picture.

  3. Awesome photos with vibrant colors. Very cool.

  4. Sounds really nice. Great, warm shots too.
    Happy weekend to you!

  5. Oh bless you, you poor thing :-( gosh that first photo is AMAZING. Lovely stuff xx

  6. Oh yes, these photos say 'Autumn is approaching...oh, it's here by the calendar now...


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