7 Sep. 2010

Sunday Session

Two violets decided to break through the gravel.

We spent Sunday afternoon at my parents alotment in beautiful September sun and with home grown food. We've been promised another week of wonderful weather, and I'm totally making the most of it as I know it will soon end. 

My Grandfather made this. He died in 1996.

The starlings are gathering before they migrate south.

We're getting that beautiful Autumn light, and I can't wait to take pics in it.

Dad managed to grow some corn. Sweet and delicious on the barbie.

Pumkin flower. Hopefully turned into soup in a month or two.

The strawberries reckon they can cling on a little longer.

Looking a little frail, but definitely still in the game.

In addition to roast veggies we had whole grilled filet mignon.

Not so good for eating, but delicious as juice or in baking.


  1. That bbq looks so yummie, especially since I love grilled corn :)

  2. Oh...my mouth is watering! That photo of the corn, the silks so pretty and the pumpkin blossom too--try pumpkin peanut butter soup---I always make it at Thanksgiving and it's hit even though at first people go ewwww...


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