27 Feb. 2011

26 Feb. 2011

Happy Saturday


I actually had a decent nights sleep (only woken up twice), got to sleep in and had bacon, eggs and beans for breakfast.

On the other hand I seem to be taking loads of photos of flowers lately. Must be my longing for spring.

Hope everyone else is having a good one too.

24 Feb. 2011



Little Brother is being baptised on Sunday, and I'm spending my days planning the menu and the venue.

But really it's just a gathering of the people I love. At home. Them bringing their favourite dishes, me cooking up some sort of soup.

And a celebration of a little man we barely have gotten to know yet, but can't wait to learn everything about.

23 Feb. 2011



I never thought I could imagine how it was to suddenly have two kids untill I had them. From being a quiet little organised family of three we were thrown into the unknowingness that is having a little baby.

I don't want to say that it has taken its toll. It really hasn't. It's just about living in the moment, although sometimes there can be a little too many moments in a row.

But as we all get to know eachother it's interesting to look at the subtle changes in all of us. The way we are adapting, finding a pattern and emerging into a family of four. Me and my boys.

As long as you accept and prepare to be interrupted in everything (yes everything) you do, don't take anything as a given and manage to sleep when the oppertunity arises, life is pretty sweet.

And the biggest lesson learned yet. Never overcomplicate things.

Life is Fine

Supermummy Rules

22 Feb. 2011

Winter Light

Window Ice



Mirrored Light




Winter Trees

Snow Walk

Spring in a (Blue) Bottle


I have some crisp winter shots coming up, but had to share some spring. At least some spring from the In-Laws sunny living room.

Even though it's snowing outside as I'm writing this the sun is rising earlier, and setting later.And when the sun is out I can feel its light and warmth thawing the earth and myself.

21 Feb. 2011

20 Feb. 2011

Overripe Tulips



Missing One



This Little Guy


Behaved exceptionally good last night for his Momo, so his Mamma behaved (a little) badly, and has (a little) hangover today to show for it. But boy was it fun while it lasted. (Now for that paracetamol to kick in before a birthday party with 20 three to five year olds.)

18 Feb. 2011

Happy Friday

Chocolate Mousse

Had a beautiful one with my boys. And happy birthday Mary, Jazz, Jorunn, Olan and Ludvig.

17 Feb. 2011


My Street: 17.02.11

I hope it's the last of it.

16 Feb. 2011


Peeping Out

I dropped off a tiger at kindie today. So proud.

14 Feb. 2011

Windy Day


What you do on a windy day is turn into Supermamma. Drop off Big Brother at kindie, go straight to the supermarket with Little Brother, go to the hobby store, bake bread, make a tiger costume, make meatballs for tea, and put two boys to bed.

Supermummy. Just not every day.


Spring Rolls

Spring Roll

Yesterday we made spring rolls. Delicious. It was Mothers Day and Mum-In-Law came over to eat. She brought a pavlova too. Delicious.

These are very easy, and I don't bother with deep fat frying. I find it scary, and it makes the house smell. I just bake them on high in the oven.


The filling is easy, and can be adjusted to what you have in the fridge, or in my case to what Big Brother doesn't eat.

Spring Roll Filling

800 grams ground chicken (or pork, and prawns are nice too)
1 big onion
3-4 cloves of garlic
4 carrots
2-3 handfulls of bean sprouts
1 block rice vermicelli
Soy sauce
Black pepper
2 blocks chicken stock powder (buljong in Norwegian)
Spring roll skin fron Asian market

Fry it all up together, start with the chicken, then add finely chopped onions and grated carrot. Add stock, soy sauce to taste and garlic. Cook the vermicelli as the packet instructs and add. I find it easier to mix in if I cut it with scissors as it cooks. Add beansprouts and cool a little. Then you wrap them up.


Start with a big tablespoonfull of filling in one corner.


Fold the corner up and roll.

Fold other side

Fold in the side corners.


And roll again.

Brush with oil

Brush with a little oil, and cook in a hot oven at 250 degrees. They are crispy and delicious with a little sweet chili or satay sauce.

13 Feb. 2011

New Week

My Street: 13.02.11

It's this mornings sunrise, but still a great way to end the weekend. Here's to another beautiful one in the morning, and a great start to the week.

Good Friends

Good Friends

Oh, this just tugs on a proud Mammas heartstrings. My beautiful boys beaming at eachother. Happy Mothers Day for those of you celebrating it in Norway.

And for all of you having a 'normal' Sunday: Hug a Mummy today.

12 Feb. 2011

An Amazing Meal

Goats cheeze inside

... started with a goats cheeze and truffel profiterole.

Quail egg with salmon roe

Continued with a poached quail egg with salmon roe and lobster soup.

King crab with sea urchin

A king crab salad with sea urchin (a first for me).

Scallop with hazlenut soup and artichoke sorbet

Followed with a scallop with hazlenut soup and artichoke sorbet.

Cod with pumpkin puré and caniloni

Cod with pumpkin puré and canneloni. This one was amazing, the cod flaking and melting in your mouth with the sweetness of the pumpkin.

Melon and Basil Sorbet

Melon and basil sorbet.


Duck with foie gras and candied grapefruit (the latter too bitter for me).

Duck in potato soup with truffles

A potato soup garnshed with parmesan flakes and shaved truffles. And a suprise inside of duck confit. Also a favourite.

Pinapple Surprise

Pickled pineapple with white chocolate snow and pistachio sponge.

Petit Fours

... and ended with petit fours. Passionfruit macaroons. Chocolate truffles. Biscotti. Apple jelly. Profiteroles. Sigh. Can I go back today?

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