14 Feb. 2011

Spring Rolls

Spring Roll

Yesterday we made spring rolls. Delicious. It was Mothers Day and Mum-In-Law came over to eat. She brought a pavlova too. Delicious.

These are very easy, and I don't bother with deep fat frying. I find it scary, and it makes the house smell. I just bake them on high in the oven.


The filling is easy, and can be adjusted to what you have in the fridge, or in my case to what Big Brother doesn't eat.

Spring Roll Filling

800 grams ground chicken (or pork, and prawns are nice too)
1 big onion
3-4 cloves of garlic
4 carrots
2-3 handfulls of bean sprouts
1 block rice vermicelli
Soy sauce
Black pepper
2 blocks chicken stock powder (buljong in Norwegian)
Spring roll skin fron Asian market

Fry it all up together, start with the chicken, then add finely chopped onions and grated carrot. Add stock, soy sauce to taste and garlic. Cook the vermicelli as the packet instructs and add. I find it easier to mix in if I cut it with scissors as it cooks. Add beansprouts and cool a little. Then you wrap them up.


Start with a big tablespoonfull of filling in one corner.


Fold the corner up and roll.

Fold other side

Fold in the side corners.


And roll again.

Brush with oil

Brush with a little oil, and cook in a hot oven at 250 degrees. They are crispy and delicious with a little sweet chili or satay sauce.


  1. just look delicious!!!!

  2. Så ingen frityr steking i olje - genialt! Hjemmelagde vårruller er utrolig godt. Dette skal jeg prøve :-)


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