23 Feb. 2011



I never thought I could imagine how it was to suddenly have two kids untill I had them. From being a quiet little organised family of three we were thrown into the unknowingness that is having a little baby.

I don't want to say that it has taken its toll. It really hasn't. It's just about living in the moment, although sometimes there can be a little too many moments in a row.

But as we all get to know eachother it's interesting to look at the subtle changes in all of us. The way we are adapting, finding a pattern and emerging into a family of four. Me and my boys.

As long as you accept and prepare to be interrupted in everything (yes everything) you do, don't take anything as a given and manage to sleep when the oppertunity arises, life is pretty sweet.

And the biggest lesson learned yet. Never overcomplicate things.

Life is Fine

Supermummy Rules


  1. Amen sister! Welcome to the world of mothering two - you've arrived!

  2. sounds like you're doing just fine. :-)

  3. You know, I look at families with three or four kids and think, two is a breeze... :)


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