12 Feb. 2011

An Amazing Meal

Goats cheeze inside

... started with a goats cheeze and truffel profiterole.

Quail egg with salmon roe

Continued with a poached quail egg with salmon roe and lobster soup.

King crab with sea urchin

A king crab salad with sea urchin (a first for me).

Scallop with hazlenut soup and artichoke sorbet

Followed with a scallop with hazlenut soup and artichoke sorbet.

Cod with pumpkin puré and caniloni

Cod with pumpkin puré and canneloni. This one was amazing, the cod flaking and melting in your mouth with the sweetness of the pumpkin.

Melon and Basil Sorbet

Melon and basil sorbet.


Duck with foie gras and candied grapefruit (the latter too bitter for me).

Duck in potato soup with truffles

A potato soup garnshed with parmesan flakes and shaved truffles. And a suprise inside of duck confit. Also a favourite.

Pinapple Surprise

Pickled pineapple with white chocolate snow and pistachio sponge.

Petit Fours

... and ended with petit fours. Passionfruit macaroons. Chocolate truffles. Biscotti. Apple jelly. Profiteroles. Sigh. Can I go back today?


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