2 Jun 2011

Thankful Thursday


I'm thankful ...

... that Little Brother only woke me up once last night
... that I have such great friends, old and new
... that today is a day off, and I get to spend it with all my boys
... that it is still getting lighter every day
... that although it's wet and cold outside the promise of summer is still here

Lets do a little experiment, and see if you are god at paying it foreward.
What are you thankful for? Add your blog to the linky below, and link it back to me. Lets find out what we're love in life.


  1. Hey
    I just thought I'd leave a little HI and say I love your blog.
    I might do a greatful-post soon, but I'm a little pressed for time.
    love the idea, though! Got to remember all the good stuff!
    have a great weekend

    best wishes
    Open house blog, Norway

  2. Hei Åpent hus.

    I will be doing another one next thursday I reckon. See if we can get the ball running :-)

    And thank you for reading.

    MissB xxx


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