9 Jun. 2011

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful that ...

... Big Brother slept past seven this morning
... my parents are on their way to Vancouver to my sister and her family
... that I know why my computer won't upload new shots
... that I have loads of new posts ready when I sort out the problem
... that the sun will shine. Soon.

So four people joined in last week, and I know there are more (you know who you are). What I also found out is that some instructions are needed.

First. Write your post, calling it Thankful Thursday and listing up a few things you are thankful for. Put a link in that post to my post today.

Then get the link from your post and add it to the linky. Call it your blog name i.e. MissBuckle or Zoo Payne, so when people click your blog name they come to your Thankful Thursday post.

If we're lucky, then we get a chain of posts expressing the things they love in life, all listed right here.

(... and for those of you who are thankful, but don't have a blog, you can write it in the comments. Or you can add it to my Facebook page.)

1 comment:

  1. Will try and join in when I get more organised, I am very behind at the moment, lovely idea (and very sweet pic!)! Emma :)


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