16 Jun 2011

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful that ...

... the sun is shining throught the windows
... coffee exists
... I have friends that keep me honest
... that Little Brother is a smiley baby
... that I have the priviledge to spend my days with him


First. Write your post, calling it Thankful Thursday and listing up a few things you are thankful for. Put a link in that post to my post today. Then get the link from your post and add it to the comments below.

If we're lucky, then we get a chain of posts expressing the things they love in life, all listed right here. 

 (... and for those of you who are thankful, but don't have a blog, you can write it in the comments. Or you can add it to my Facebook page.)


  1. he is really a cutie, even with (vegemite? øllebrød?) whatever that is all over his face. :-)

    i may participate this evening, as i want my post about char to be top of the blog for awhile...

  2. It's prunes :-)

    And join in if you feel like it.

    I removed the linky, just too much preassure, and who needs preassure to be thankful?

    ... and what's øllebrød?

  3. This makes me smile :-)

  4. Prunes....I loved them as a kid but isn't it a little dangerous when it comes to changing him? Hee hee...i'll be linking up later...on my phone right now :0)

  5. Ali: He needed them, and I had two "good" nappies today :-) Thanks for joining in.

  6. http://rayfamilyfarm.blogspot.com/2011/06/thankful-thursday-for-char.html
    I'm so glad that you started this weekly post! Such a cute shot! :)

  7. and it's finally done... a little late but we all know the saying...

    Thanks for the link-a-long!!

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  9. Above removed because of spam.


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