1 Aug. 2010

Good Night

Can you blame me for sneeking in while he sleeps and giving him an extra cuddle?

This is Little Man in his new Big Boy Bed. And now that Little Brother is well on his way it's like I can't stop myself from hugging and kissing the soon to be Big Brother all the time.


  1. I know! I know!
    And you must. Kiss and hug and cuddle him as much as you can.
    I remember feeling so nostalgic about Frieda before Stella was born, and the days of just having one baby are so precious.
    It does change, the good news is that it's only for the better, but it does change.

  2. Anonymous2/8/10 07:20

    oh sleeptime is the best timne for snuggles and kisses.

  3. No, I really can't blame you!
    Oh there's a second boy on he's way! Congratulations!! When?

  4. Yay, I'm expecting a boy too, in December! :)


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