26 Aug. 2010

Fanø Magic

We had a beautiful week on the island Fanø and the little village Sønderho. There are only 300 permanent residents in the community, but my friends wedding increased it with about 125 more people.

Some of these were taken on a cloudy day, but most of the days were gorgeous and warm. And I can truly say that after a week here I felt like I'd been away for a month. Totally rested.

Like all Danish places people ride their bike instead of their car. My parents came along and Little Man got used to Momo and Morfar picking him up whereever. We all lived in the small houses and it felt almost like  commune. And in a very good way.

Two weeks later I still feel sad for leaving, but I'm glad that most of the people tat made the stay so wonderful are back in Stavanger with us. As are the good memories. We have conversation-topics for weeks worth of cozy coffee-dates and late night phone calls ahead of us.


  1. it is a bit hard for me to imagine fanø as magical, knowing as many of the crazy seafarers that live there as i do, but perhaps i will have to reconsider.

    however, what's more pertinent is that you were in the neighborhood and you didn't stop by. :-(

  2. J: Sometimes I forget how small Denmark is, and how practically everything is in your neighbourhood :-)

    I should definitely have stopped by.

  3. magical and yes, feels very restful just looking at your photos!

  4. and now that i've moved to jylland, you probably drove right past! well, more or less anyway.


  5. You have such a wonderful eye...I've never been to Fano, but I feel as though I have a good sense of it now.


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