28 Jun. 2009

Weekend Bliss

So the weekend has been amasing. Close to 30 degrees, sunshine, and great dining and shopping. Friday I bourt myself a new dress in one of my favourite shops: Syvende Himmel (Seventh Heaven). They sell quirky pretty dresses made for women.

As for dining. A five course meal at Tango, my favourite gourmet digs, never goes wrong. Wish I could remember all the foodie details, but as the food and wine kept coming it al just ends up in a blissful blur. I do have to give honarable mention to the desert. White chocolate fondant with sabayonne, and a poached peach with Earl Grey tea sorbet. Fantastic.

(Pictures. Above: Detail from shop window. Below: The goodie bag, and hand made buttons from a norwegian designer: Snella og Petronella)

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