15 Jun. 2009

Memory Bytes

A whole row of memories on show in my windowsill.

Volcanic rock from Iceland. Amasing trip with girlfriends, glaciers, geysirs and great shopping.

Fish from the Sydney Aquarium. My childhood favourite hangout. Loved the shark-tunnel.

Shells from trips on the beach in Australia. Sand between my toes. Tepid water. The current tagging at my ankles as my feet dig deeper and deeper into the sand. Diving under white waves. Floating over the round ones. Salt in my mouth. Sand in my cossies.

And a sea-coloured enamel bowl from my two and a half years in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The flea market in the old Victorian train station in Tynemouth. The smell of the sea. The anticipation of air and sky building up in my tummy leaving the grey and hostile city.

Memories to touch. Remember. Relive.


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