21 Jun. 2009

Pretty Yummy

After following pretty pretty yum yum for a few days now I'm officially hooked on this Sydney-gals obsession with the kawaii (cute), kakkoii (cool) and omoroi (interesting) in Japan.

I (as I have told earlier) am getting more and more obsessed with that country full of contrasts. For now I'm indulging in Murakamis books. Soon, I will need to go go go. Maybe I should find a Japanese cooking class, or language class. The little Japanese I know is from my karate classes at university.

Untill I fulfill my dreams I can drewl over purple chocolate and kitty bento boxes. Thank you.
(All pictures are from her blog)

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  1. Anonymous22/6/09 15:45

    thanks for the write-up!! :) you have gorgeous pix on your blog!!! :)


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