31 Jan. 2012

30 Jan. 2012


Impossible Project6
There is a lot of it going on in my life at the moment. A little too much for my liking. And I usually like change. A lot.

Some times I want to scream it all out to the world. Stand tall and yell: I AM! But I know I'm still processing it all. Sharing at this moment feels like it will mess up the little balance I have. And believe me. I need balance.

And in the middle of change it all stops.

Another trip to the doctors today. Bigs third penicillin run this winter, his second or even third throat infection. Little has only had two runs. In a row. He gave the infection he got from his brother back.

So I'm at home. Restless. Missing out on another day of school. Feeling disconnected.

29 Jan. 2012

27 Jan. 2012

25 Jan. 2012

Winter Storm

I'm in that cabin. There is a snow storm outside. And I'm snuggled under the covers looking at pictures of snow.

24 Jan. 2012

Utstein Kloster

On a nearby island to Stavanger, called Mosterøy, there is a convent. I love the mossy walls and dark gardens. And the feeling of spirits that hang about.

The cross below sais "Fred med dit støv": peace with your dust. I like that.

Mosterøy46 Mosterøy52 Mosterøy50

23 Jan. 2012


About this time, every year, I find myself missing Australia. Badly. I guess it has to do with the cold and dark here, and the certainness of summer over there.

This year, with one illness taking over for another, I'm really missing it. It's been five years since I've been. That Dad and Brother are going in February doesn't help. So jealous.

Instead I'm off to the mountains for some snow, and if the forecast is right, it will snow a lot. But with me still nursing my throat infection I'm going to spend quite a bit of time indoors. 

22 Jan. 2012

21 Jan. 2012

Chasing the Light

It really feels like a sport these days. Getting out for a few minutes of daylight, let alone sun. And I find myself taking pretty pictures that I can look at later to savour the sparce delight.

Oh, how I'm longing for spring.

Møllebukta8 Møllebukta7 Møllebukta32 Møllebukta1

20 Jan. 2012

what Spiderman does on his day off

Spiderman1 Spiderman4 Spiderman2 Spiderman5

Happy Friday

I have been crook, as my Dad calls it. I caught Little Brothers strep throat (who caught it from Big Brother). It's been a long time since I've felt this weak. But better now.

13 Jan. 2012

Happy Friday


12 Jan. 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for

... all the beautiful shots I took at the beach. They give me energy every time I look at them.
... Little Brother 'only' having strep throat. We had to go to the hospital today.
... school being back on, even if I have to stay home with a sick boy.
... my favourite TV-show, Bones
... chocolate. How come it is so comforting?

What are you thankful for today?

10 Jan. 2012

Missing a Shoe?

Then it might have wound up on a beach near me.

More treasure from a magical beachtrip on the last day of 2011.

Orre127 Orre49 Orre58 Orre133 Orre121 Orre122

9 Jan. 2012

Beautiful Mistakes

Impossible Project1
I've made quite a few mistakes in my life, and I'm bound to make a few more. I reckon it's okay as long as I try to learn from them.

Mistakes make me rethink, reevaluate and reconcider. Nothing wrong with that. And I really believe that as long as I'm following my heart, I will make the right choice, mistakes and all.

And some mistakes are just plain beautiful.

Like the polaroid above. Like babies that just happen. Like sunshine through glass. Like chance meetings.

It makes me realise that there are no mistakes. Just life. Teaching us a lesson.

7 Jan. 2012


Thursday Morning8
The sun has been out a few days, and I've been making the most of it.

Thursday Morning9 Thursday Morning10 Thursday Morning15 Thursday Morning16

6 Jan. 2012

5 Jan. 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for ...

... 2012 and fresh starts
... that school starts on Monday
... intrinsically good people
... blank weekends
... lighter days already

What are you thankful for today?

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