23 Jan 2012


About this time, every year, I find myself missing Australia. Badly. I guess it has to do with the cold and dark here, and the certainness of summer over there.

This year, with one illness taking over for another, I'm really missing it. It's been five years since I've been. That Dad and Brother are going in February doesn't help. So jealous.

Instead I'm off to the mountains for some snow, and if the forecast is right, it will snow a lot. But with me still nursing my throat infection I'm going to spend quite a bit of time indoors. 


  1. I know the feeling. It's been eight years since my last proper holiday down under. Luckily I'm on a flight to Melbourne next week, but I won't get to see my beloved Sydney this time around. Will catch a few rays of sunshine, though, and blow them your way!

  2. Lucky you! And thank you, I need some sunshine!

  3. Beautiful Sydney! I lived there for a year, I can SO understand you miss it!

  4. feel better soon miss b!

  5. as i write this, it's pouring outside and we have another week of rain ahead of us. to say it's been a disappointing summer is an understatement! so you're not missing out on much but i understand wanting to come back when it's been so long. hope you're feeling better soon xo

  6. And I'm sitting here looking through your pictures and wishing I was there rather than here in Melbourne sweltering through another shockingly hot day. :)


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