9 Jan. 2012

Beautiful Mistakes

Impossible Project1
I've made quite a few mistakes in my life, and I'm bound to make a few more. I reckon it's okay as long as I try to learn from them.

Mistakes make me rethink, reevaluate and reconcider. Nothing wrong with that. And I really believe that as long as I'm following my heart, I will make the right choice, mistakes and all.

And some mistakes are just plain beautiful.

Like the polaroid above. Like babies that just happen. Like sunshine through glass. Like chance meetings.

It makes me realise that there are no mistakes. Just life. Teaching us a lesson.


  1. Fantastic thought! Thank you Miss Buckle, for a bit of much needed illumination.

  2. :-) Your welcome sweets.

  3. Thank you for this. Exactly what I needed to hear today. As my mum keeps telling me, follow your gut and be happy.

  4. I even have spelling mistakes. Just to be mistake perfect :-) Right back atcha sweetie.

  5. i like this a lot. i think it's easy to focus on the negative of mistakes when you could you be focusing on what you can learn from them :)


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