30 Jan. 2012


Impossible Project6
There is a lot of it going on in my life at the moment. A little too much for my liking. And I usually like change. A lot.

Some times I want to scream it all out to the world. Stand tall and yell: I AM! But I know I'm still processing it all. Sharing at this moment feels like it will mess up the little balance I have. And believe me. I need balance.

And in the middle of change it all stops.

Another trip to the doctors today. Bigs third penicillin run this winter, his second or even third throat infection. Little has only had two runs. In a row. He gave the infection he got from his brother back.

So I'm at home. Restless. Missing out on another day of school. Feeling disconnected.


  1. we had a season like that a few years back when the twins were 3 and the little one 1. constant throat infections and a couple of pneumonias thrown in to top it off.

    you will connect again.

  2. Thanks. I know it will all pass, but at this point it feels like there is still so much winter left.

  3. huff, det hørtes ikke veldig bra ut. hverken det ene eller det andre.
    husk bare at livet går i bølger, nå er du kanskje litt nede, men det går bra igjen. og noen ganger er faktisk uønsket forandring ganske bra, i det store bildet... det kan bringe med seg andre muligheter, nye åpninger som er vanskelig å forutse.
    jeg lover.


  4. Hang on in there. We're running the gauntlet of winter illness at the moment too. It's just exhausting isn't it? And every time you think, that's it, we're finally through the worst, life can return to normal...it all starts again! Hold onto that balance :-)

  5. Hope all the germs leave your house soon. It's a nightmare at this time of year isn't it? Emma


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