5 Aug 2011

Thankful Thursday


Today I'm thankful that ...

... my scheduled posts worked. On holiday.
... I'm still on holiday.
... I saw Julochka today. And Husband.
... a nice photoman charged my camera battery.
... the sun has been shining. The weather warm. And I'm on holiday.

(and I promise not to be so silly next time. Because I have been really thankful, and grateful, lately for everyone around me)


First. Write your post, calling it Thankful Thursday and listing up a few things you are thankful for. Put a link in that post to my post today. Then get the link from your post and add it to the comments below.

If we're lucky, then we get a chain of posts expressing the things they love in life, all listed right here.

(... and for those of you who are thankful, but don't have a blog, you can write it in the comments. Or you can add it to my Facebook page.)


  1. we were also thankful that you stopped by. i know the rain came, but i hope you enjoyed the rest of your time in århus. :-)

  2. The rain came after we left on thursday ;-) we had a rainy day on friday in Mandal, but it was stil nice and warm. Today was sunny, but we decided to drive home.


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