30 Jul. 2010

Lighting My Way

My mind is full of plans and schemes at the moment. I think it might be the little alien boy in my tummy reminding me that things are going to be very different. Very soon. Well at least in November (which, alarmingly, feels very soon at the moment).

But my mind is not on cots, prams and nesting. It's on the future. On photography. On the Rest of my Life.

I guess it is the inevitable change bringing it all on. But with this change comes a pause. Peace in the mundane. In smiles. Sleep. The little things.

And everything will speed up and slow down at the same time. Plans will be put on hold. Life will evolve around, well, living.

Untill the restlessness takes hold again. And then.

Who knows ...


  1. Change does odd things to us. I'm about to retire...a totally different kind of life change from yours, and yet my thoughts and emotions are very much what you have described. You do seem to know life's Big Secret: enjoy the little moments!

  2. Funny...I was/am using my basement disarray as a way of not moving on...

  3. 'speed up and slow down' - you couldn't have hit the nail more squarely on the head :)

  4. I find knowing there's less of a chance to do something, I am more urgent about making it happen. In the same way, I get more done when there's less time to do it. Odd.

  5. Katie: I know exactly what you mean.I get most of my housework done while I'm making dinner or walking out of the house.


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