15 Jul. 2010

Going Green

Didn't get this.
The other day we took a family trip down the coast and ended up at these greenhouses. They belong to a huge tomato-grower in Norway, and obviously he grows some flowers and veggies on the side.

I picked up about four cheap cheap pots of herbs now ready to use on my steps. Some cheap tomatos and some flowers. But what I really regret not buying is this pot of ready to eat zuccinis because I really didn't know where to put it in my garden as we are doing up the house and it will be a mess for the next year or so.

But I've done nothnig but think of zuccini-scones and stuffed flowers since I befriended this green monster. I should have just got it. Stuck it in a bigger pot, and made loads of yumminess.

Got that.
Got some blue ones of these.
Didn't get chinese cabbage.
Old skool play area.
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  1. Your picture reminds me that when I was glowing up in a small town, neighbors and friends used to bring us extra zucchinis all the time. Didn't appreciate them back then because we hadn't learned to bake them into muffins and scones!


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