30 Apr. 2011


Aren't weeds pretty? Especially when picked by a proud three year old.

29 Apr. 2011

Happy Friday

Beef Salad

This was my supper last night. Asian beef salad. Delicious. Maybe something for you to consider tonight?

Have a good weekend everyone!


28 Apr. 2011

Seen in the Sun

Giant Baby
Giant baby

Press For Like
Press for 'like'

Quality Guaranteed
Bad means bathroom in Norwegian

26 Apr. 2011



This time of year is the best. Full of promises. Of a sunny spring. A warm summer. Long days. It's past nine thirty as I write this, and it's still light out.

White Ground

These trees have already turned green. After I took these shots the weather really warmed up an the trees exploded. Everything is that vibrant green green green that is so fresh.


But those hvitveis (white flowers) sure light up brown sleeping trees.

25 Apr. 2011

Same View


24 Apr. 2011

23 Apr. 2011



22 Apr. 2011



21 Apr. 2011


18/365 Light as a Feather

20 Apr. 2011

19 Apr. 2011


48/365 Blood Orange

18 Apr. 2011



17 Apr. 2011


16 Apr. 2011


15 Apr. 2011

Happy Easter Friday

Fresh Eggs

Easter is here and we're off south. Google has promised warm (for this time of year) sunny weather and I'm ready to spend hours and hours outside looking for more signs that spring is definitely settling in to stay.

My memory card is formatted, so get ready for some sunny shots when I get back. But I have some little treats for you while I break. A picture a day when I'm away.

Happy Easter everyone!


14 Apr. 2011

Raising Happiness

I've been thinking about this a lot lately.

Being a parent.

From one perspective one can look at deciding to have kids as a very selfish thing. But anyone who has kids can tell you that it is one of the most unselfish things one can do in life. I really have to ensure that I am a little selfish every day. Just to preserve me.

And I have been thinking about happiness. Mine. My familys. Where it comes from. What defines it.

There was an article recently in one of Norways biggest newspapers. It questions why we have children when all research shows that we are more unhappy when we have kids. It said that our unhappiness grows exponentially untill the children are three years old. That kids kill your sexlife, your relationship, your energy levels and any kind of personal time.

I have to agree. I have two boys. One is four and a half months old. One is three and a half years old. I'm exhausted.

But I'm happy.

I live in a part of Norway that has one of the highest birthrates in the country. All my friends either have one, two or three kids. Or are pregnant.

We live in a permanent state of tiredness. Poopy diapers. Breast infections (fighting one right now). Endless laundry piles. Constant home improvement.  Home made cooking (God forbid I give my kids some additives). Playgrounds. Early mornings. Early nights.

And I have to admit it takes it's toll.

But I'm happy.

Life has really been challenging me lately. In all sorts of ways. Ten years ago a situations smaller than this might have spiralled me into a black hole of self pity and depression.

But then Big Brother grabs me in a big hug while I'm buckling him up in a rush to get to kindie. I look into Little Brother bright eyes in his car seat, and he smiles. And I grab my phone to tell my Man all about it.

Wasn't it Einstein that said life is what happens while you're living it. Well I'm Living it.

... and weirdly enough I'm happy.

13 Apr. 2011

Fruit Favourite


Big Brother and I love this dessert. Vanilla kesam (very low fat fresh cheeze) with whatever berries or fruit we have in the fridge.

Still a while untill the Norwegian berry season begins though. Can't wait.

Wordless Wednesday: My View

My View: 20.01.11

My View: 31.01.11

My View: 02.02.11

My View: 03.02.11

My View: 11.02.11

My View: 19.02.11

My View: 28.03.11

11 Apr. 2011


After I got spammed by Julie I found this note on Facebook. I wrote it over two years ago, but it might as well have been today. (Although spring is here, and I now have two boys)

I'm hanging out for spring
I don't like chain mails but I don't say no to a challenge
Creativity makes my head spin
I'm planning to go on an expedition or an adventure
My boy teaches me to live in the moment
Chatching out men with power makes me feel powerful
I can't see anything cruel without crying
I'm proud and subborn but I try not to be
I crave simplicity, but I create complexity
I'm always looking for somewhere else
I love writing poetry, but I'm mostly too restless to get them out
Coffee has the ability to make me happy
White wine makes me delerious.
I never finish learning
I give really great hugs
I become a reading monster when I get into a book
I don't have to think when I play mindless simple computer games
Music and moving makes me creative
I can lose myself in the moment
Sleeping is underrated
I crave routine, and I love to break it
I wear my heart on my sleave.
I trust.
Peanut butter makes everything taste good.
I have never smoked a sigarette.

What are your random 25 facts? Play along.

Growing Up

These little seedlings make me think of my little seedling: Little Brother. He keeps changing and growing, and I keep thinking I need to take more photos of him.

Every day there is something new.

Today he has banana breath. He wasn't too sure what that slime in his mouth was, but at least he didn't gag.

He's started waking up from his naps having a little conversation with his mobile. And when I come in he greets me with a huge smile. On the noisier side he's started making these high pitched screams when he wants my attention.

10 Apr. 2011

8 Apr. 2011

7 Apr. 2011

4 Apr. 2011

3 Apr. 2011

1 Apr. 2011

Happy April Friday


Spring has sprung. The sun is warming. And the crocuses are out.

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