11 Apr 2011


After I got spammed by Julie I found this note on Facebook. I wrote it over two years ago, but it might as well have been today. (Although spring is here, and I now have two boys)

I'm hanging out for spring
I don't like chain mails but I don't say no to a challenge
Creativity makes my head spin
I'm planning to go on an expedition or an adventure
My boy teaches me to live in the moment
Chatching out men with power makes me feel powerful
I can't see anything cruel without crying
I'm proud and subborn but I try not to be
I crave simplicity, but I create complexity
I'm always looking for somewhere else
I love writing poetry, but I'm mostly too restless to get them out
Coffee has the ability to make me happy
White wine makes me delerious.
I never finish learning
I give really great hugs
I become a reading monster when I get into a book
I don't have to think when I play mindless simple computer games
Music and moving makes me creative
I can lose myself in the moment
Sleeping is underrated
I crave routine, and I love to break it
I wear my heart on my sleave.
I trust.
Peanut butter makes everything taste good.
I have never smoked a sigarette.

What are your random 25 facts? Play along.

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