3 Jul. 2011

London Calling

Life is Fine

Mum, Bub and I are off to London on Thursday. I've already made a pinboard, but am looking for tips tips tips.

So unknown to me. Is the Eye a hype? Is Tate Modern as cool as I think? Where are some cool places for eating breakfast in Paddington?

Please tell me where the cool kids hang (the cool ones on holiday with their baby and Mum).




  1. Oooooo, jealous!
    LOVE London. And I think it's all so cool that I couldn't recommend anywhere specific.
    Have fun!

  2. You will like Spitalfields and Brick Lane, I suspect. Not sure Paddington is terribly impressive for breakfast, you'd be better off heading for Marylebone High Street. The Eye is worth doing. Tate Modern is okay-ish, but the walk from Royal Festival Hall down to Tate Modern is an excellent one.

  3. Waah! Wrote out a huge message for you and lost it!

    OK, to recap:

    - London Eye: fab
    - Tate Modern : yes, go

    A great way to spend the morning is start at Borough Market for breakfast and slowly work your way along the river via Tate Modern until you reach the Eye. Do the Eye then jump on a Thames Cruise Clipper boat to see the city from the river (and give your feet a rest).

    Also check out the Design Museum (http://designmuseum.org/) and the surrounding area - pretty cool.

    Giraffe (www.giraffe.net) are super family friendly and do a great falafel burger. But for beef burgers look out for Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

    I'm just a short jump away on Regent Street so holler if you need anything :-)

  4. Great tips guys! So excited now ;-)

  5. If you don't go the Tate Modern you will be in big trouble with me! Have a fantastic trip! Emma :)

  6. Tate Modern is the best and i'm pretty sure there were displays for kids wwew they could interact with things.

    The Natural History Museum in South Kensington was great, especially the room with the big whale. Try to avoid the weekend if you can.

    THere's Spitalfields farm in Shoreditch, a farm right in the middle of the city! I thought it was quite novel :)

    Kensington Gardens was one of my favourite places just to relax in the sunshine and it's close to the science museum and the natural history museum so a good place to go if you need a break and the kids want to run around.

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head at the moment!

  7. Wahaka @ 66 chandos place (near covent garden). Mexican market eating at its best. Taco-knut and I are huge fans. No table reservation - just show up and put your name on the list.

    Happy fiesta, señorita.


  8. @Emma @SJ: Tate it is ;-)

    @Linda: Sounds fantastic! Have to go.


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