7 Dec. 2010


Mango the Monkey went missing Monday morning, and is nowhere to be found. Untill now Little Man has bought the concept that Mango is on holiday, and is giving all his other stuffed animals a chance.

Mango 2 (bought as a backup when we realised how important he is) has already been tried, tested and discarded.

There is no fooling the fingers of a cuddly three-year-old.


  1. Teehee. I remember I used to try to rotate stuffed animals, cause I felt like they all deserved a chance on the bed. After all, the Mangos of the world can get a little too comfortable up there all the time. :)

  2. My daughter (age 15, yikes) has exactly the same monkey but she calls him Cheeky, and has had him since she was tiny. We also had to get a back-up monkey and had some luck on eBay (if you don't find him). I should add that the back-up monkey was bought quite a few years ago... Good luck!


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