6 Nov. 2010

Friday Night

You know you're preggers when the highlight of your day is a chicken burger with loads of avocado. But then again it was really good.

The day was allright and started off with a coffee, and the someone decided to crash into me. Except for the extreme shakes, a worry that Little Brother would come and a dinged up car, I'm unharmed.

Thanks to really thoughtful strangers that stopped and helped (I have decided that I will stop too if in same situation) I didn't break down into a Pregnant Crying Mess.

Now, doesn't that burger sound good right about now?


  1. Glad nice people stopped to help, and that you and Little Brother are okay. And the chicken sandwich looks delicious...that could be a highlight of one of my days!

  2. How frightening. Glad you're OK.


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