18 Mar. 2012

New Flat

Sabi Sushi001
We're in. Quite a few ends to finish yet. But we're in. Starting to like it, I'll be in love soon. Tired. Moving up four flights if stairs takes its toll.


  1. enjoy your new space. i imagine a space to call your own is the start of great things!

  2. It's no surprise that you're tired, but I'm glad you're starting to feel at home in your new space.

  3. oooh found your blog again! very excited. come say hello x


  4. miss you blogging but quite understand how busy you must be. It doesn't stop me wondering how you are and how things are working out.

    I really hope that you will find time soon to put us all in the picture but, in the meantime, love and best wishes.


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