16 Feb. 2012

I am here


I've hinted to it a bit. My life change. And on Tuesday we sold the house. I've been on my own with the boys since October, just not ready to tell anyone other than those on a need to know basis.

But here I am. On my own. And dealing pretty well with it.

I bought a flat for me and the boys in January, and now the house is gone too. Gone. I have to admit I shed a few tears over that. But the tears were shed in the middle of exciting stuff at school. Music video making, friend making, new life making. One of my new friends told me to remember that this is a beginning. Not an end.

This is MY beginning. A rebirth of sorts. It really feels like one, and like my little frase up top sais. It's all about life, inspiration and journeys. And I'm in the middle of it. School has really been my catalyst, and I've been trying to channel all the pain into creative energy, and it looks like it has worked. Have quite a few projects going. A selfportrait series. A new blog. And catching up with all the stuff that I didn't do whilst combining selling the house and directing a music video at the same time.

I'll get there. I'm on my way. I'm here.


  1. here's to a new beginning (and crying those tears that need to be cried). you are a strong woman.

  2. wow, that's some good channeling. I've been thinking how strong and beautiful your photography has been recently, it's always been really good but recently it's just seemed to have an extra edge. if this is how you've been channeling your pain it's working - at least in what you're producing on the outside. I'm sure the inside has been harder to process, not least of all through the challenges of parenting, and explaining, and keeping up the jolly. well done my dear, and good luck.

  3. I thought I picked up on a hint recently. It's hard to leave some parts of your life behind, but a new beginning eventually replaces them with new, better, more affirming things/people/experiences. All the best to you and your boys.

  4. kudos to you anne, i can't even imagine how hard the last few months have been.

    you've turned something really difficult into something so positive, i can't but be inspired by you!

  5. Thank you everyone. You touch me :-)

  6. Good for you. Here's to new beginnings! Emma :)

  7. Sad to hear your sorrows, but most impressed by your strength. Did think of you whilst down under, but it seems maybe the sunshine got lost somewhere along the way... Keep going - you're great inspiration!


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