16 Nov. 2011

Being Joel Meyerowitz

”I wandered the streets not knowing what I was shooting. I just knew I had to be out there. Watching life. Because I was interested in the way, you know, people did things.” - Joel Meyerowitz
  Meyerowitz5 Meyerowitz4 Meyerowitz2 Meyerowitz1
You can see more pictures from my attemt at being one of the pioneers of street photograpy in my flickr set. You can also see Meyorowitz live in the beautiful documentary "Everybody Street" by Cheryl Dunn.


  1. Bra! Paraplybildet er min favoritt

  2. hey you! Wow wow wow these are amazing. It's hard to pinpoint my favourite, probably the first one though the umbrellas are special. Actually they are all special so BRAVO! x

  3. Takk, Oda, and thank you Spud :-)

    I'm pretty chuffed with how they turned out, and totally rocked my presentation at school.

    And I totally went lo fi :-)

  4. Great photos. Had a look through flickr as well. I'm like spudballoo, love the one with the umbrellas. Something about the composition, but I can't quite put my finger on it.


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