28 Sep 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Vancouver Aquarium

IMG_7993 IMG_8054 IMG_7985 IMG_8052 IMG_8023 IMG_8027 IMG_8021


  1. Gorgeous photos! I know how tricky it is to get good photos in an aquarium!

  2. Hallo! I'm (yet another) expat Aussie living in Vancouver - I've been loving your pics of some of my fav spots, they all have such lovely composition & colour. It's great to get a different perspective of such familiar places - I think half of my aquarium pics are of jellyfish (they're just so darn pretty!) Hope you had a great trip - keep the pics coming, they're well appreciated!

  3. Thank you Blissed and Hannah :-)

    I just love Vancouver, and with my sis living there I'll be going back and back and back. Fortunately!


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