31 May 2010

Smells Like

I'm really lucky to have Lily of the Valley in my garden. And every year I can't resist to pick a bunch for inside. They smell divine.

I've been stuck inside the house for days with a feverish boy with a serious cough and the sun and warmth is calling me outside. Can't wait to take my camera for a walk.

What it really smells like is summer. And that's good. Cause it's June tomorrow.


  1. Glad you are back. You are such a bright spark in my day. Hope your little one is better soon :)

  2. I'm sorry your little one is sick! Hope all is better soon. Happy Monday.

  3. What a fabulous shot! I have lily of the valley, too, and decades ago I had some cologne with that scent. Now I'd rather just have a few sprigs in a tiny vase.


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