28 Nov. 2010

A Little Christmas

Today is the first Sunday in Advent, and we lit candles and put up some Christmas decorations. Since I got my own house I've really enjoyed decorating little by little through December.

18 Nov. 2010

15 Nov. 2010


There is a lot of waiting going on lately. Mostly wating for a baby, but also for Christmas. I find myself very in tune with the shops Christmas-preparations this year. Not when it comes to buying presents, but the comfort of slowly getting into the mood.

Now it has to be said that in Stavanger Christmas doesn't appear to early unless you go looking for it. And that's why I like it.

So while I'm waiting I'm off to buy little trinkets for Little Mans Advent calender. A gift a day. Nothing huge. For December.

... and maybe some more Chrismas decorations.

14 Nov. 2010

Sunday Morning

It's Fathers day here in Norway, and we celebrated with a Dad Sleep In and a colourful breakfast spread.

Asparagus for breakfast was a bit too much flavour for Big Man in the morning, but for me it was delicious. Probably because I'd already been up for a couple of hours and was starving.

11 Nov. 2010

Best Evening Meal

Whole grain bread with loads of pumpkin seeds topped with avocado, tomatoes, lemon juice, olive oil and loads of salt and pepper.

In Norway most families eat at around four to five in the arvo. I always get a bit peckish at night, and it's all about finding those healthy, but also satisfying, evening meals.

For me a bit of avocado goes a long way, and I find a bit of acidity from lemon or tomatoes (or in this case both) really does the trick.

10 Nov. 2010

Corner View: Autumn

Crisp mornings, low sun and reds. My kinda Autumn. For more corner views check out Theresa.

8 Nov. 2010

Childs Play

Geoparken is an urban park made from old oil installations. Little Man loves it. 

Sometimes I get very jealous of his ability to find joy in everything. But it does rub off on me, and it really inspires me to look at life from the bright side.

Soon, MissBuckle. You will be able to jump on that trampoline. Soon.

7 Nov. 2010

6 Nov. 2010

Friday Night

You know you're preggers when the highlight of your day is a chicken burger with loads of avocado. But then again it was really good.

The day was allright and started off with a coffee, and the someone decided to crash into me. Except for the extreme shakes, a worry that Little Brother would come and a dinged up car, I'm unharmed.

Thanks to really thoughtful strangers that stopped and helped (I have decided that I will stop too if in same situation) I didn't break down into a Pregnant Crying Mess.

Now, doesn't that burger sound good right about now?

4 Nov. 2010

Different Angles

My house. Frog view.

I can't help but think about what Little Brother is seeing inside my tummy, and the shock and the brightness and cold he'll feel when he comes out.

Little Man totally understood that it is up to the baby to decide when he wants to come, but I have to admit that I'm getting a bit impatient to meet this little alien that keeps beating me up on the inside.

Then again.

I have the best babysitter in town at the mo, and as soon as he enters the outside world our lives will be turned upside down.

Talk about different angles.

2 Nov. 2010

Lobster Lunch

It being lobster season and everything my Dad presented me with this red beaut on Sunday. And man, oh, man was it a beautiful lunch with my lobster loving girlfriend.

Oh, the luxuries of being home with kids.

1 Nov. 2010

Self Gifting

I love this little figurine that I ordered online. And that it turned up on my birthday was even more fun. We've had a great weekend filled with friends and family. The sun is shining, and I'm off to lunch with a friend. Couldn't really get any better.

So now all we have to do is wait for Little Brother to decide to enter the outside world. Can't wait to meet him.

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