30 Nov. 2009

Last Day of November

Time flies.

December tomorrow. Finally. Have already pulled out the Christmas lights. Purple candles for Advent. I keep picking up pine cones and braches and candes intending to make something out of them.

We've been litterally knocked out. That swine flu shot really got to me and Little Man. I thought my arm was going to fall off. We both got a fever too.

Worked this weekend and freezed my bum of in clear winter weather watching them light the Christmas trees.

Christmas can come, but I'm hanging out for spring. Still.

And I have to make those Christmas cards. Don't you just hate being creative on demand?

25 Nov. 2009

A Sprouting Imagination

Cabbage from Brussels. Apparently good. I'll eat a couple as a token, but thet so not mesh with my pallet.

We had an interesting conversation across our cramped but cozy lunch table today. We were posed with a dilemma. The question was:

Is it a positive trait to have a good imagination when you are a journalist?

One of my collegues in the marketing department immediately said yes. One of my journalist collegues said that a good imaginations is not so good to have if one starts making thing up in the paper. But the general consensus of 11 people was that imagination is a good thing. As long as you keep it in check.

The question poser said that in the non-press environment where the question first was posed everybody reckoned a good imagination was a negative trait for a journalist.

Shock and horror.

My imagination is the root of my creativity, my ability to put myself in other peoples situations, my ability to find joy in the mundane, my ability to take good pictures out of nothing, my ability to use words to paint a picture. The list goes on and on and on and on.

It actually upsets me that people would even think that a journalist could make things up. But what shocks me even more is that someone could think that having a good imagination is a negative trait.

In my book it is NEVER a negative trait.

I'm really interested in what you in the blogosphere think of this question. Am I totally off?

Is my sprouting imagination a liability?

You tell me.

23 Nov. 2009

Chubby Hugs

The chubbier lady-boat is cuddling her blue mate. Can we expect purple dingies any time soon?

The lovely Lou Lou at Tooting Squared commented that she liked the idea of chubby hugs. It was in a post about pumpkins. I totally agree. From when I was very little I always loved hugging the bigger, boobier women. They were softer. More comforting.

But then I'm a champion hugger.

Now, I've thought that I'd end up being one of those soft grandmothers, but I have to admit that I'm pretty soft already. Little Man likes me, that's for sure.

As for my quality of hugs, I've been told I'm a great hugger. Tight enough, and filled with good vibes.

My editor always comments that I give animals and inanimate objects personality. Hugging boats and pumpkins included. It is my way of relating. Putting feelings into things. Sometimes I worry that I get too attatched, but I've never been to attatched to things. More to memories. I do hug inanimate things. Like Luce. And the printer at work, when she's giving me attitude.

But lately I've been thinking about virtual hugs. The ones I send to blog-peeps out there when I read your posts. We all go through tougher times in life, and my gut instinct to grab someone and hug them just doesn't cut it in the blogosphere. So I try saying it. It is so not the same, but I hope the words are enough for you to feel it.

So here I am. Opening my arms. Enveloping everyone who needs it in a big chubby hug. Passing on positive energy, warmth and love. And I hope someone catches one. (And if you do, please pass it along.)

Hug someone today. Virtually. Digitally. Analogue. Who cares.


22 Nov. 2009

Blurbed Out

It's been a grey day. But the sun did say hello. And we were outside. So I feel allright.

I've been Blurbing like mad and am totally exhausted. We did have a beautiful day though.


 Sleeping till nine. Boy as well.
 Lighting a fire. The smell of the smoke tickling in my nose.
 Pancakes, bacon and maple syrup for brekkie. Radio on. The smell of coffee wafting through the kitchen into the living room.
 Walking and playing by the fjord. Hafrsfjord. Getting back into the car before the rain.
 Playing around with the camera and The Boys in Farfars (Fathers Fathers) garden.
 Watching our new common obsession, 'Forbrytelsen' during Little Mans nap. Then another two episodes before bed.
 Making meatballs for dinner, and inviting happy happy in-laws.
 Having Little Man around all day. Getting (and stealing) loads of hugs. Having interesting conversations with a two year old.
 Going to bed knowing Monday is still (for a little while longer) a day off. No stress in the morning.

Hope everyone had a good one. Mine turned out pretty well.


21 Nov. 2009

A Quiet Night

The swans had already gone to bed.

Dropped Little Man off at the in-laws, and went out for a curry. It was such a beautiful mild night after a couple of days with record rainfall (they have never registered that much rain in the area ever! (and this is a rainy place)). It was lovely walking to town.

Warm light filled the alleys.

Tried a new curry place and stuffed ourselves silly on popadoms, mint raita, tandoori masalas and kingfisher beer.

Chocolate in all varieties.

Then we walked to Sjokoladepiken (The Chocolate Girl) for coffee and dessert. They make all their own chocolate, and it delicious. We shared the chocolate and passionfruit mousse, and couldn't resist a couple of pieces of choclate.

I always end up buying plain dark chocolate and a cappuccino. (Picture: Big Man)

One plain, dark. The other called 'Graceland' inspired by Elvis' favourite peanutbutter sandwitch.

The brown ones to the rigbt, below the pretty pink ones are yummy passionfruit. (The pink are raspberry)
And we rolled walked home. Content. Looking at the pretty lights.

20 Nov. 2009

Cozying Up

Promised some pics of candles, pinecones and darkness cheer-me-ups. So here they are.

Ahhh.... Canon.

This lovely photo turned up in my work pics today. Fluke? I think not. So:

Canon rules, Canon is the best, and don't believe what anybody else tells you.


18 Nov. 2009

Going to Copenhagen

I'm going to Copenhagen, and I'm going to live in a boat in happening Nyhavn, and spending some time with lovely lovely Julochka. Yay!

Now, don't fret. This is not an impromptou Blog Camp that you're not invited to. It's serious stuff. I am off to COP 15: The United Nations Climate Conference.

It all happened this way.

My wonderful editor sent me this link to a governmental energy project called Enova. They are sponsoring 30 journalists to go to Copenhagen and take part in the conference. I called them, asking if they thought of my local paper as insignificant. She said she didn't know.

Obviously not so insignificant, hey? Cause I got a spot. And my editor was over the moon.

So now I'm all climaty (now a new word) and important. No more than before, but I feel so honoured that I get to be there and witness history. And we're doing 'Copenhagen Deconstructed' in the grassroots back home. Fun!

(Can you tell from all the exclamation points that I'm excited?)

My inner Environmental Manager (yes, I do have that degree) is excited. The journalist me is excited. The bloggy me is excited. The personal me is excited.

And as independant as I am I'm also a little intimidated. Anybody else going? We can hold hands...

At least I can get some comfort in the form of gin and tonic sorbet in The Blue Room after.

I might need it.

17 Nov. 2009


So I finally lure elusive Bag Lady over as a follower and soon after she tags me with this:

'The Shoulda Been a Stripper Award'

The only reason I'm passing on such a weird award is that she calls me 'talented' and I'm a sucker for praize. And I get to highlight some of you beautiful, talented, sweet, honest, colourful, interesting etcetera etcetera blog people out there.

It comes with rules:
a) Post the award, and 
b) List seven personality traits, as evidenced by your blog.
 Here goes:
1. Positive. I always try (being the key word) to stay positive. And I like to think that I end things on a high note. Always. 

2. Foodie. I love food. Passionately. And my extra kilos are a result of that. I try to work them off, but it is so not as fun as eating.

3. Dedicated. I'm consiencious and I like to do things properly. Hence I'm passing on this tag (Bag Lady got it right). 

4. I like attention. Preferably positive, but I will settle for negative if it is the only attention I'll get.

5. Drama queen. Probably related to #4. Can throw a great tantrum.

6. Caring. In my house you'll get a full belly and a big hug. And some compliments. And maybe some of my well meant advice wisdom.
7. I'm a try hard. Ambitious. Competitive. And insecure about it. But it gets me places. 

I'm copying Bag Lady and sending this to five bloggers that I'm crushing on at the mo. Take it as a compliment guys and not as another annoying tag. 
It means I want to be you, live your lives, or at least stand next to you and hope that some of that interestingness rubs off.

So: Spuddy, Miss Toots (no you don't have to strip again), Molly, Prosalosa and Mr. L. Street stand up straight and prepare to receive some praize.

I think you're cool. Can I have your bloggy babies? 


A little afternoon treat in the middle of some overtime. Organic clementine and yummy dates. Dates is such a grown-up thing, isn't it? More proof that I'm over 30. But then again I still get carded at the local bottle shop. Ha!

It did the trick. I feel refreshed, pleasantly full and my hands smell like Christmas.

16 Nov. 2009

Light in Dark

So I got some feedback on my little whinge yesterday. I was trying to sound all up-lifty, and positive, about The Dark, but you all saw right through me, and told me som truths in the comments box. Bring it on! I love a good discussion, and feel free to put me right.

Today I'm in an even gloomier mood, but I intend to put it right by posting some low light images that Little Man and I took on friday night. We skipped normal dinner and went to one of our favourite cafés. Bonus! They had candles lit on all the tables, and it was warm and cozy as the wind houled outside. The cold blue light stayed on the outside, while the warm gandlelight glowed inside.

Got so inspired that today I took a trip to my all time fave IKEA to buy some more candles and huge vases to have them in. Combined with the pinecones our little family picked last weekend it looks really pretty. I might post a pic of it soon.

But for now, enjoy the warm glow of Ostehuset Østs atmosphere, and the cold blue light contrasting it.



15 Nov. 2009

Locked In

Feel locked in? This month can do it to you...

I was reading Kristines post, and it really struck a chord with me. She lives in Belize, a country where the seasons are divided between a rainy one and sunny one.

And while most of us (Scandinavians especially) are suffering from the november-blues, some of you are living in countries with no seasons. Some of you are really getting into summer right now like Molly, Extra and Katie. And I feel myself violently jealous. Wanting to kick something or at least break a plate jealous. I feel so locked in.

Because (in spite of me saying it is a great month because it contains my birthday) November is a tough month. Too far from Christmas and still a long time to go before the sun decides to be out at decent hours. Too far from anything.

Still I do feel we have been blessed this Autumn. Usually the winds and rains set in about mid September and don't let up untill the end of march. But this Autumn we've had beautiful sunny days outnumbering the rainy ones. I've been taking photos and eating great seasonal food, and actually exercising regularily, something that has helped to keep my energy levels at a decent level.

So my strategy is as always to go out when it's light. Light candles when it's not. And to enjoy those fleeting moments.

And maybe, just maybe. Book a trip to Australia.

11 Nov. 2009


She's a teacher, mum and bellydancer. And saved me at work today. Do angels have orange wings?

It's been one of those weeks already. Work has been crazy. One gone travelling, and one down with the swine flu. Me? Seriously sore back. Apparently I over did it at the gym. I thought I was getting into a rythm. So, hardly any sleep for me. And sitting at work has litterally been a pain.

Fortunately my job involves a lot of going out and taking pictures of beautiful positive people. She totally put out for me. Within five minutes of my call she had quieted her class and was dancing for me colouring the grey winter light with orange dance. What a star!

My job involves a lot of people sharing, not only with me, but with everyone reading the paper. I always admire secure happy people that are so comfertable in their skin that I can get them to spin around for me for minutes. Such an inspiration.

9 Nov. 2009

Those Feet

Those beautiful feet. Squeeky clean after a long bath. Wavy toes in airy bliss. Those feet.



8 Nov. 2009

This Brilliant Man

My mother tongue class dinasaur nerd. My high school friend. My help me through living in Newcastle-upon-Tyne guy. My party partner. My provider of mates to snog with. My deep conversational partner. My bi-lingual brother. My provider of budgies to look after (although not in a while). My I-look-like-I-eat-them-for-breakfast-but-I-actually-babysit-all-the-time gothic mate.

My friend forever even though we never see eachother enough and always say we have to meet up but never seem to find the time. (Excuses!)

He has done it again. He answered the most difficult questions I could ever imagine about Star Wars (geek!) and won 24.000 kroners. On saturday he can double it.

The force is strong in you, Jazzy!

Sunday Drive

Isn't she a beauty? (The lens, not me, sillies...) She might need a name.
We went for a morning foto session drive. These were some of our sights.

This is one of the ways the farmers store hay for winter.

Some sheep found a little bit of freedom and fresh grass out of their pen.

The surfers were enjoying a good swell after the weeks winter storms.

We went for a walk in the woods.

Some moss posed for me.

And we found pinecones.

Loads of pinecones.

7 Nov. 2009

Oh So In Love

Can't blog. Too busy playing with myself. And camera.





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